Letter to the editor Oct. 1, 2023

To the Editor:

I read with interest about the proposed new equine arena to be built west of town. I strongly support that idea but found it strange that the City is taking on a "new project" when the very successful Recreational Complex can't even be completed! Hopefully, that will will be addressed soon. Regarding the proposed arena, I would suggest to those involved to also check with the City of West Monroe about their Expo Center on operations, management, event scheduling, etc. It has been extremely successful & has all types of events (dog shows, exotic goat shows, rodeo, barrel racing, cattle shows, Monster Trucks and just about anything else you can think of)! It has been so successful, that 4 national motels have been built on site to handle all the out-of town tourists & show participants. Other venues have also been built next to the site for other entertainment for visitors & show participants & their families. I would hope that with this potential development, some interest on also locating the proposed (?) Arkansas Game & Fish Nature Center could be located next to it as a tourist site for those Expo visitors & others. Original plans to use property at the airport have been futile due to FAA restrictions with City so its past time to find another site! Maybe Gary Sewell or other property owners on the DelTin road will work with the City & County to sell them adjacent property for the Nature Center! This Center could be a great tourist attraction & offer area schools a tremendous educational tool! Hope it all will come together!!!!

Kenny Solley

West Monroe